I’d like to extend a personal testimony for the outstanding experiences I’ve had and continue to have with Kenny Phillips and K. Phillips & Company. Kenny is not only kind, courteous, and extremely professional, but he is also genuine, proactive, and thoughtful. At K. Phillips & Co, you can find special, rare, one-of-a-kind gems for an incredibly great price. He created an amazing wedding band set for my wife that included a 1920’s filigree band with flawless diamond settings. Kenny constantly exceeds expectations and has made K. Phillips & Company my 1st choice for all my future jewelry purchases. I simply cannot recommend Kenny and K. Phillips & Company enough.

-Eric, Irvine, California


Our family has had the pleasure of buying our jewelry exclusively from Kenny Phillips for over 20 years. As a jewelry novice it is comforting to know that when making such important and emotional purchases that you have someone who has the integrity and professionalism as Kenny does to guide you through the process. With Kenny’s help we have purchased and created jewelry which will be enjoyed and cherished for generations.

-Ralph, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Beaver Creek, Colorado


When considering estate pieces or diamonds, we have to trust someone. Kenny is the only one we truly trust and he always finds just the right piece, at the right price. His exquisite taste, professionalism, and positive energy, take the fear out of every investment we make. We treasure our heirlooms and look forward to passing them down to our family.

-Michael, Aventura, Florida


We have always relied on Kenny Phillips for our jewelry needs, including our most important pieces – our wedding bands, which he created to suit our wishes. Kenny is the consummate professional. He has always been responsive and provided the highest quality both in product and in service. We wouldn’t think of going anywhere else for jewelry!

-Ed, Miami, Florida

Not only does Kenny have an unequivocal selection of beautiful jewelry, he has the ability to create whatever his clients request of him. His work is done in a timely and professional manner, and the greatest part is that he meets you wherever you want him to. I love all of his jewelry from his estate pieces to the more modern and classic items. My entire family enjoys working with Kenny -in fact, he recently took a diamond I owned and created a masterpiece engagement ring for my daughter. She and her husband were thrilled — what more could a mother ask for?

-Fayanne, Miami, Florida


Kenny Phillips is a consummate professional who is straightforward and knowledgeable. He was my first choice when I decided to sell my jewelry and downsize my lifestyle. When I tell my friends about selling my jewelry they are shocked and then intrigued. No one I know knows anyone to help them do this. I have confidence in Kenny in all matters pertaining to the buying and selling of jewelry.

-Naomi, Houston, Texas


I’ve known Kenny Phillips for 20 years and whenever I’ve had a need to buy jewelry, whether a Rolex watch or diamond rings, I’ve always been thrilled to have Kenny’s help. He’s even helped my sister sell her unworn jewelry and had an Cartier bracelet, that I had inherited, resized so that I could wear it. I have utter confidence that Kenny will always be there to help me no matter what my jewelry needs will be.

-Jim, Miami Beach, Florida


I have known Kenny Phillips since 1995 and have purchased many custom rings, diamond bracelets and necklaces from him over the years, as well as hosted gold parties with him. Kenny has always helped me and my friends create or find the right piece for any occasion. I count on him to be able to find the perfect treasure and I’m always thrilled with I get for the price. I trust his guidance completely. It’s always a pleasure to do business with Kenny.

-Sharon, Houston, Texas